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Where Have I seen Figments Made?

While I have been around for a little while, the Figments Made name is relatively new. In the last year or so, I have been figuring out what exactly this all means and what I want to do and make. In that time it’s possible you’ve seen me around and you’ll definitely be seeing more of me!

Make Article Nov 2018

Make: Weekend Watch

Being featured by the well-known Gareth Branwyn in his “Weekend Watch” section of Make: was definitely a highlight of 2018. You can read the full article here.


ThinkerCon 2018

ThinkerCon was a fantastic experience full of wonderful Content Creators to learn from and have fun with!


Maker Faire New York 2018

Were you at Maker Faire New York in 2018? I was and it certainly seemed like all the big makers were there! It was a fantastic event and I barely left the DIY Content Creator tent the entire weekend.


Jimmy DiResta: Blacksmith Workshop

So my first time using a forge was at Jimmy DiResta’s Blacksmith Workshop taught by the extremely talented and knowledgeable Rory aka the Dirty Smith ( The crew on-hand to help with the class was fantastic and the class was an amazing and unforgettable adventure.


Jimmy DiResta: Obey The GrAIN Workshop

Want to learn how to carve wood using a variety of methods but always keeping the wood itself in mind? That’s what Tracey (@bastionhead on Instagram) teaches with his “Obey The Grain” methods. Taking this class at Jimmy DiResta’s was a fantastic experience and opened my mind to so many woodworking possibilities.


WorkBenchcon 2018

The first annual WorkBenchCon in Atlanta, GA in 2018 was a complete and utter blast. I got to meet and learn from so many top YouTube Makers.