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Tools & Materials


Tools & Materials Used

I use a variety of tools and materials in the diverse projects I work on. Any individual project may have multiple techniques, materials and tools that can be applied. These are items I use for my projects (or equivalents where noted) but there may be alternates that would work better or be more appropriate for you and your projects.



Ruler (12" metal) - Amazon

Rotary Cutting Tool - Amazon

Thread (type will depend on leather used) - Amazon

Sewing Needles (for leather) - Amazon

Leather Glue - Amazon

Seam Marking Tool (for leather seams) - Amazon

Leather Hole Punch - Amazon

Mallet (for punching leather) - Amazon

Cutting Board (for punching leather) - Amazon



Leather (there are various places to find leather but I've had good luck with Tandy Leather)

Field Notes Notebooks (there are a few paper types available for the style I use) - Amazon